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Patnem Beach

The Patnem Beach is the quietest place at South Goa. It is the first choice for spending a peaceful, relaxing time at the beach. It is not as long as Palolem or Agonda beach however it gives a soulful time with its silence and the crashing sound of the loud waves. To complement this one can pamper oneself with an ever relaxing ayurvedic massage, some soulful reading, swimming or just sun bathing. The local boatmen are ever ready to take the tourist for a short boat ride to make this experience a little thrilling. One must enjoy a full day here to find that the morning, evening, and afternoon, all are blissfully silent. To feel this peace of mind one has to stay at Palolem Guest House which is very close to Patnem beach and can be easily reached by an auto rickshaw in 10 minutes.

Honeymoon beach

Honeymoon Beach, is a small strip of beach in Palolem. The most enduring experience will be of seclusion and this one of the reason it extremely liked by the couples. The beach gives them those moments which are often missed in the hustle bustle of a fast paced life these days. It takes around 25 minutes to reach from palolem beach in a boat. This is to be arranged with people who arrange this tour which lasts for minimum 3 hours . This is walkable distance for 20 minutes from PGH

Monkey Island

Monkey Island is a small green island in the northern part of the Palolem where one can enjoy a lavish walk along the beach. During the low tide one can enjoy the walk however in high tide it is difficult. The small rocks can pose a challenge but being caution one can only absorb the divine beauty of this beach. Capturing the monkeys in the camera could be impossible because there have been unpleasant experiences but the knee deep walk in water in low tides will remain as an exceptional experience. This is also at a walkable distance from PGH of 20 minutes & need to be arranged or booked.

These beaches are exotic and one will never be able to have enough of them but the best time for a boat ride to these islands at 7:00am or 3pm . This time flashes the beauty of a the setting sun from the boat.

Agonda Beach

The vacation time is meant to unwind oneself from chasing target, client presentations, traffic jam and the high paced life. You want to run away from a stressful life and want to rest in the lap of nature with sea and forest around you. Then the answer is certainly Agonda beah, situated in the southern part of Goa.
The Agonda Beach works as a complete healing therapy for your mind. It has immense calm, peace and isolation in itself along with its picture perfect view. Its n absolutely no miss for loners and nature lovers as you can feel your breath every moment. The Beach's 3km long stretch is fringed with Palm and Casuarinas which most commonly seen in Australia and surrounded by large hill makes it serene.
There are time the most needed thing to do is, not do anything and Agonda Beach fulfills this dream. However one can swim, simply have lazy walk and can fill your stomach with some yummy food. Boat trips can make it more adventurous. Another worth watching experience is to see the sunset in this secluded Agonda beach. The slow process of sun setting in the sea surrounded by Palms and Casuarinas is beyond description and a life time treasure.
The beauty of the beach will wash away all your tension, worry, and restlessness and will leave with a refreshing self. From Palolem Guest House it takes approximately 15 minutes to reach this place and this is a must watch. From PGH you can easily hire a taxi to visit this place & it is 15 minutes drive from Palolem guest house .

Butterfly Beach

The Butterfly Beach is a tiny beach located at the northern part of Palolem in Butterfly Island. The beach was named Butterfly beach by the tourists who saw plenty of butterflies flying on the hillside. This beach offers white shiny sand with translucent water but due to very dense vegetation no othermeans of transport can be used rather than boats. This short boat ride of nearly two hours is of a special mention as there awaits the mischievous Dolphins for you. You can view the ever enthusiastic Dolphins playing all around. This is certainly not the beach visited by most of the tourist but the one who chooses to do that they carry a life time memory with them. From PGH you can easily hire a taxi to visit this …...( No need of taxi to visit this place as it is walk able distance from Palolem guest house).

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